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We, here at Bogus Braxtor, focus on providing you with the finest quality Fake IDs you can obtain in the market. Fake IDs manufactured and distributed by us will include all of the security features desired in a fake!
• Beautiful holograms
• Vibrant UV
• They definitely scan!
• Meticulously drilled perforations
• Precise microprint
• All orders even come with a free duplicate!

We take great pride in the quality we deliver, along with our exceptional pre and post sale customer service. If we don’t stand by our promise, we’ll resend a quality product for free*!

*Manufacturing defects lacking any ID security feature warrants a reprint.

What do we offer?

This is our priority and forte. Our goal is to get you the finest product in the market and we keep that in mind with every ID we make. You can check out our complete list of products here, and the security features/quality offered by clicking on them individually!

Fast and efficient. Direct your questions to the right place, and you’ll be answered within less than a working day. Always remember, we’re here 24×7, and we’re here to serve you. To contact us, click here.

Complete features
From holograms to microprint, and from UV to scanning abilities, we prepare our IDs for every single test a bouncer has out there. We easily pass the bend test, backlight test, and several others that you may have never even heard of! We’ve definitely got your back covered here.

It’s important to understand how important we treat every ID we promise to manufacture. We take large steps to assure quality control, and ensure that every ID stepping out of our door is worthy of our name. Your IDs are generally crafted 2-5 days after an order has been placed, and will most likely be in your hands within 2-3 weeks of purchase.